Accrobaoabab Aventure, Senegal

Site and activities

For thrill seekers in search of a safe environment, Accrobaobab welcomes you to its unique and mystical site as you see yourself, for a few hours, growing wings and defying the law of gravity.

Accrobaobab adventure is a fascinating site, easily accessible and designed for the public in general. It is not a ’fight for the fittest’, and today even 2 year old children engage in these sensational tours, and many adults in their seventies have crossed these paths. The record is held by a professional basketball player weighing 120 kg and 2.5m tall. The area with a capacity of 80 persons per day, can accommodate you with a flexible time table (from1 hour to 1 day). It is open to tourists in groups (tour guides, hotels), groups and incentives (specialized agencies, companies), individuals and independent residents (Dakar + petite côte), including schools, clubs...

  • The tracks are built according to French standards.
  • Equipments standardized by a recognized European standardization body CE.
  • We have professional coaches.

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Adult Adventure Tracks

An exceptional moment among 500 year old giant trees with ‘elephant hide’.

Kids Adventure Tracks

Crawling in a giant tree has been a childhood dream? Hasn’t it?

Baobab climbing

Climbing of baobabs for individuals between 4 to 77 years

Inspiring places

A 100 m2 large thatched hut able to accommodate about 60 persons and equipped with a Moroccan lounge.

The zipline baobab

It is the largest canopy in the world between 2 trees in an adventure park

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