Accrobaoabab Aventure, Senegal

Team Building workshops

Incentive is ever necessary in business and serves as an essential tool in human resource management. In a friendly and playful spirit, staffs develop a spirit of mutual assistance, inspire trust both in themselves and in others, and foster a spirit of competition.

The program we offer is exciting and original; it offers participants the opportunity to move their boundaries safely and experience teamwork in the workshops.

A unique day in the midst of baobabs


Le basket trampo

En équipe et à tour de rôle pendant 5 mn : monter sur un trampoline suspendu et shooter au panier de basket pour marquer des points.

Le passe boule

Plusieurs personnes s’organisent collectivement et stratégiquement afin de faire faire un circuit « encombré » à une grosse balle. Chacun des membre de l’équipe, en duo, fait une partie du circuit.

Le plongeoir à bascule

Un des équipiers doit monter une échelle verticale de 7 mètres pour accéder à un plongeoir qui bascule de haut en bas. Le reste de l’équipe en tenant une corde devra rétablir et maintenir l’horizontalité du plongeoir pour permettre au funambule d’aller au point le plus extrême du plongeoir et sonner une cloche.

Adventure tracks in the Baobab

Fly in a secure manner from tree to tree by using various kinds of movements.

Baobab Tree climbing

Climb a baobab tree with reported catches and the natural relief of a trunk.

1 ,2 ,3 in the well

Three or more in a dry well 3 meters deep.

The duo game

Two horizontal cables (1 meter high) moving away from each other.

Confidence reigns

By turns each person falls into the empty space and is caught by the tandem.

Thousand-legged ski

Many people move together in regular movements on skis.

Gate of heaven and the flying trapezoid

An ascent and fall into the empty space.

The high bar

Cross together

The zipline baobab

It is the largest canopy in the world between 2 trees in an adventure park

The tower of hell

It involves placing the highest number of boxes against each other while carrying your partner and standing upright and firm at the top.

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