Accrobaoabab Aventure, Senegal

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Located 65 km from Dakar, 10 km from the seaside resort of Saly and right opposite the animal reserve of Bandia, Accrobaobab was built in 2003 by professionals.

Located in the heart of a baobab forest, Accrobaobab Adventure offers a park for tree climbing, outdoor recreation, and courtesy house.


65 Km south of Dakar and 15 km from the seaside resort of Saly Portudal, the Park is easily accessible to all types of vehicle. To get there, take the National 1: the express road right in front of Bandia reserve, 5 km after Sindia.

About us

We are a team that combines safety and professionalism.

Outdoor and excursions

Take advantage of your stay to discover the area.

Accro-baobab and local development

Xavier Larcher, designer and developer of Accrobaobab, has lived 30 years in Africa more often in “the bush”. This immersion in the development world has left behind a footprint and an ideology.

Our references

We are grateful to the following institutions for their trust, dynamism and the cheerfulness of their teams:

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