Accrobaoabab Aventure, Senegal

The cottage of courtesy

This cottage, containing 34 beds, is designed to facilitate access to leisure activities at the Accrobaobab site: adults and children, golf, climbing, workshops incentive, elastic trampo, zipline baobab, sand sailing and open air activities).

Located at the ACCROBAOBAB site in the midst of a unique forest of baobabs , the "courtesy house» allows you to discover this area still authentic where ethnic Peulhs and Serer Safeens interact in their pastoral and agricultural activities.

Far from the clichés of the small coast resort, you are two steps away from the game reserve of Bandia, surrounding villages, the Peulh herders and their flocks, the Somone lagoon, the fauna and the local flora.

Our motto: sport, wonderful entertainment in a genuine and soothing atmosphere.

Description of the cottage

Built exclusively with local materials (straw wood, lime) and according to ancestral techniques with insulating properties and feng shui, the cottage is a collective housing consisting of 15 bunk beds and 2 double beds with one located on the mezzanine.

Amenities and rates

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